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Connecting for Nature Partnership Update

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Poppy near Terrington - Liz BassindaleThe partnership has now officially adopted the high level objectives formulated from the consultation which took place in June 2014. Thanks to all those who shared their views, these are the new overarching objectives of the Connecting for Nature Partnership:

By working together the partnership will:

  • Coordinate action to conserve our wildlife and habitat.
  • Link people and place together in the best interest of wildlife.
  • Raise awareness of the value of biodiversity to people and the economy

The original proposal stemming from the Connecting For Nature summit in March 2014 involved instigating further smaller theme based gatherings using the 5 themes:

  • Farmland (incorporating grasslands)
  • Woodland (incorporating orchards and parklands)
  • Wetlands (incorporating rivers and floodplain habitats)
  • Coastal (incorporating coastal cliffs, intertidal and marine)
  • Community (incorporating both urban and rural communities)

Since June last year there has been a lot happening in most of these area. The River Derwent Partnership is establishing with the aim of restoring the River Derwent and some of its key tributaries (including the River Rye), and of course the farmland and woodland themes will be heavily influenced by the New Environmental Land Management Schemes (NELMS) coming on stream in 2015/16.

It has therefore been suggested that the best way forward at the present would be to concentrate on the two remaining themes Coastal and Community.

As there is a geological limit to the Coastal theme as well as a promising coastal partnership forming already, it was felt that the community theme would be the best option to concentrate on for action in 2015.


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