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Report Invasive species sightings using your smartphone

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Now the growing season is here, be alert for Invasive and Non-Native Species (also called INNS for short).
There are dozens of different plant and animal species which are regarded a nuisance and may not be released or caused to grow in the wild but the most common offenders are relatively easy to spot and often associated with river corridors. A useful reference website is that of the Invasive and Non-Native Species Association (INNSA) which can be found at INNSA is the industry body for companies involved in controlling and eradicating invasive non-native species in the UK.

invasive species giant hogweed

Giant Hogweed leaves at full spread can easily surpass a metre across, This example was beside the Derwent at Stamford Bridge viaduct in 2014, treated by East Yorkshire Rivers Trust.

On the Derwent Catchment we have particular issues with Giant Hogweed (known for its toxic sap and enormous size), Himalayan Balsam (which smothers native flora of riverbanks and has ‘explosive’ seed pods) and in places Japanese Knotweed (highly invasive and damaging to structures in built -up areas). All three can be treated so long as locations are known. A handy app for mobile phones and tablets such as Plant Tracker helps identify the culprits and report the sighting and GPS location to relevant authorities and the National Biodiversity Network (NBN) which keeps tabs on them. The Plant Tracker website also shows where other sightings have been reported using the app. Plant Tracker uses the phone’s GPS facility to identify your location, or you can pinpoint your sighting on the map, take a photo of the plant, record the size of the clump and even register any control measures taken on the plant at that location.

Here are some more useful links on Invasive and Non-Native Species : GB Non Native Species Secretariat Yorkshire Invasive Species Forum (led by Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, with partners including the Environment Agency, DEFRA and Calder & Colne Rivers Trust.) INNS-Mapper project by YISF (Current focus on S and W Yorks. but hoping to go Yorkshire-wide in 2016) Facebook page for the YWTs invasive species project. Test your knowledge on Invasive species.


Author: Tim Burkinshaw

I work in ecology and biodiversity in North Yorkshire. I'm often found outdoors snapping nature and landscapes or spotting birds. In the garden I enjoy having my hands in the earth and striving for the perfect mix of greens and browns in my compost. As a Daddy and adopter I'm used to endless questions about the world around us, and generally have an answer up my sleeve for most things. If you spot me and my hat in real life or on social media do say hello!

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