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Staxton Conservation Grp

Project title: Clearing and maintaining SINC sites

Aims & objectives:

  • Identify the SINC (Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation) sites and their present state.
  • Gather information and advice as to what needs doing to these sites.
  • Develop a working party of volunteers to begin clearing work
  • Develop a rolling programme of maintenance


In and around Staxton village.
Particular areas of work:
Staxton Sand Pit (SINC code TA07-12)
Staxton Hill Chalk pit and road verge (SINC Code TA07-15)
Staxton Woldgate Chalk Pit (SINC Code TA07-14)
Beacon pond
Low Lane Cowgate
Carrs Lane pinfold

Project description:

The conservation group began in December 2012 with just 8 people. The group worked with the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust to raise funds for a nature walk board, and tackle problems with land use permission due to the walk being positioned between farmers’ fields. The group is getting locals to complete forms in order to apply for continual usage of tracks and make it officially recognised. Volunteers were brought down in 2013 from the North Yorkshire County Council to spend the day clearing brambles and saplings from the Sand Pit area.
The conservation group planted daffodil bulbs around the village, as well as two long mixed hedgerows. The War Memorial Garden has also been developed with funding aid from the Parish Council and from fundraising events. New paths, benches and flag poles were placed, as well as a rose plant for each fallen soldier. The group has recently been less active due to the most active member leaving, however as this member has re-joined, the group hope to regain activity.

Future projects & aims:

The group wishes to reform and decide on a site to concentrate on. The Beacon Pond is a consideration as the area needs clearing and permission is granted for work to take place. The chalk pit and gravel pit ware require sapling management, providing many opportunities for the group to become more active again.


Problems with land sales have accidentally removed the ownership of the gravel pit, Beacon Pond and other land from the Parish. There were also problems with gaining permission to use certain areas of the path to make it an official walkway, and processing these applications can also take a very long time. Funding also decreased from the County Council, therefore help from their volunteer group ceased. More volunteers are also required to make the group successful

Achieving the group’s goals:

New methods will be discussed to recruit more volunteers, and meetings carried out to decide on the group’s actions. Funding will also be searched to pay for the volunteers’ transport costs.

Links and contact:

To enquire about this group, use the main Connecting for Nature Contact us page